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My Story

Responsible Dog Breeding Since 2015

 I am a mother of 5 children and grandmother to 12 grandchildren. I was raised on a ranch most of my life which allowed me to be around all sorts of animals. Being raised this way has created a strong love of all animals. I started my love of breeding Dachshunds with a few litters when my children were young. I chose to stop for a while and focus on my family but in 2015 I started breeding when my children were out of the house and I retired allowing for the time needed to run a great breeding program. I planned to start again with only having a couple of females. It didn't take long for my happiness and love for Dachshunds breeding to grow. One of my favorite parts in breeding is seeing how much pleasure people get from my puppies and the happiness it brings their family. It truly makes the process that much more enjoyable to me as the breeder. I strive to improve the breed and I only breed AKC registered dogs with great health, confirmation, pedigree and temperament. 

Our Story

When I restarted my breeding program in 2015, my husband helped me on a part time basis because he was still working full time and the the business was small. Four years later in 2019, my husband and I were both retired, which has allowed us to enjoy expanding Briarwood Dachshunds along with making it even more of a family friendly breeding program. With love and support from my husband I have been able to grow our breeding program to what it is today with 11 dams and 5 sires. We love to talk to people about our puppies and enjoy delivering our puppies to their new owners to see their excitement. We enjoy getting messages and pictures of our puppies at their new homes to see how they are doing. We are looking forward to many more years of continuing our breeding legacy.

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